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With the release of my latest book JUICING, FASTING, AND DETOXING FOR LIFE, many people have asked me what juicer I recommend.  My pick is the Juiceman Pro, stainless steel, centrifugal force juicer.  It has a 1/2 hp motor and a blade coated with titanium to  stay sharp and last longer.  The pulp is ejected into the pulp catcher, which you can line with a free baggy from the grocery store. The pulp is quite dry–a good sign of an efficient juicer. The wide spout at the top can take several carrots, a whole lemon, and a whole, small apple. But here’s the feature I really like:  It only takes about 1 minute to clean.  That’s a huge benefit!  Juicers that take a long time to clean just aren’t used.  The juicer parts are also dishwasher safe.  When you have a juicer that easy to use and easy to clean, you’ll use it.  And that will make a BIG difference in how you feel–more energy, a stronger immune system, happier disposition, and a great sense of well being.

You can learn more about the Juiceman Pro on my website juicebookinfo.com.  Just click on Products.  Or, you can call me at 866-843-8935.

Cherie Calbom,MS, The Juice Lady


  1. Carol Noe

    I noticed this was posted in 2008. What juicer do you recommend now? How much are they? Would appreciate hearing from you.
    THANK YOU…Carol Noe

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